Medieval Mayhem Historical Arts Foundation.

Our newest fun(d) raising event!

October 9 & 10, 2020 at Hon Dah Resort Conference Center

What is Steampunk?

Time Travel meets Sci-Fi meets the Wild West meets the Victorian Age and more!

Steampunk is one of the most imaginative genre's there is! Since we encourage imagination, creativity and passion we want to bring this unique event to life right here in the White Mountains!

This inaugural event is scheduled to host tea pot (remote control vehicles) races, tea and compliment dueling, art classes, vendors, meet and greet dinner and more!

Details are still in the works but, if it is something that interests you, contact us here or at  We are looking for vendors, writers, judges, tea pot racers, prize sponsors and "celebrities" to join in the fun!

Our oldest, longest and most theatrical fund raising event!  

THIS is the event that started it all! 

Driven by passion and dedication, this event will celebrate it's 13th anniversary in 2020. (Check out our CORVID-19 up date at

You'll find local vendors as well as those who bring their talents and wares from across the state and the country!

We are also home to Michael Allenson(Forged in Fire competitor & Knife or Death Season One Grand Champion) who brings a team on site to demonstrate their skills as well as have one of a kind hand forged wares for sale.

You'll find entertainment at every turn!  From our main stage to our fighting eric to the random folk in the streets!!  Music, Dance, Comedy, Live Steel Fighting & Demos, Rides, Animals, and much much more! Each year brings loved favorites and new talents to enjoy.

This is a family event that emphasizes both history and the arts.  We look for applicants who can show us their passion and love of one or the other...or both!