Medieval Mayhem Historical Arts Foundation.



The Mission of the Medieval Mayhem Historical Arts Foundation is to provide scholarships funds for local students of the rural White Mountains of Arizona who have demonstrated exceptional talent, passion, commitment to and/or excellence in the study of the arts, history, and STEM. In particular, the foundation seeks to support students who otherwise are unable to continue their education due to limited financial means.

our history


"The White Mountains is a four-season wonderland. Intoxicating beauty in all seasons. A beauty that feeds the adrenalin of the adventurous who thirst for the fresh aroma of the great outdoors. Emerging wildflowers come springtime. Cool summers that entice bikers, hikers and golfers. Golden colors of autumn that crescendo into cold winters covered with snow.​"

Arizona White Mountains
By Tony Subia
February 10, 2014

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.

This non-profit was founded on the belief that a good education will take an individual very far in life. 

It was also founded in the knowledge that there are those families "in the middle" financially who cannot manage to afford that education for their children. They make too much to qualify for "low income/grants" and too little to qualify for student loans.

Their student may not be an honors/straight "A" student or they may not be enrolled in a public, private or charter school but, maybe home schooled and therefore don't meet the qualifications for many scholarships.

This is the gap we wanted to start to fill.  

Since our biggest fund raising event is Medieval Mayhem Renaissance Faire, we've decided to focus on those students who have a passion for history, the arts and STEM. 

Thank YOU for your support as we work on building this new foundation!  Check back with us often to see our progress and get more information on how you can help us help local White Mountain Students.