Medieval Mayhem Historical Arts Foundation.

Our oldest. longest and most theatrical fund raising event!  We hold it the weekend after the 4th of July.

Medieval Mayhem Renaissance Faire is what started it all!  Driven by passion and dedication, this event will have it's 12th anniversary in 2019.

We a lot of local vendors as well as those who bring their talents from the rest of the state and even from across the country!

Our entertainment is very much the same!  We have local folk, desert folk and those from lands afar!  Each year brings loved favorites and new talents to enjoy.

This is a family event that emphasizes both history and the arts.  These are the focuses of our scholarships.  We look for applicants who can show us their passion and love of one or the other...or both!

The brain child of two of our board members and an idea who's time had come, this event was incredibly successful in it's first year!

We teamed with another local non-profit (Show Low Main Street) to build both a popular and beneficial fund raiser for each of us!

Make plans to attend in 2019 on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, August 31.

For all the details on how to enter, become a sponsor and becoming a volunteer go to

We are still putting the finishing touches on this inaugural fund raising event. 

We will have ticket prices (and discounts) by the first of the year.

We will also list the raffle and mini-auction items here as well.

Celebrity appearances are scheduled to take place during the auction by Forged in Fire Tournament contestant and internationally known armorist, Howard Nobel.  Also scheduled to appear is Forged in Fire: Knife or Death 1st season champion, Michael Allenson.  Both are graciously donating to our auction and plan to be available for a meet and greet that night.

We will have raffle items from local businesses and extra tickets will be available for purchase during the event.

Seating will be limited so advanced purchase is strongly suggested.